I went for the longest run I’ve had in years today. 9 miles. Chalk one up to the quarantine.

In that time, I combined a concept from the Platform (movie on Netflix) and the video game Call of Duty to form a film. See how I called it a film. Now it has validity. ? ? ? 

In Call of Duty, when your character dies, he respawns to fight again. His life may be 5 seconds long which is usually the case when I control him. But what if, that character was an actual human being and the movie was built around this concept that you are going to die in this warlike video game. Except you don’t know that you respawn.

So the movie would be built around the interactions that these characters of war have. I’ll use the Rick and Morty episode where Pickle Rick battles Jaguar to give an idea of how the movie would be shot.


So now you see how the characters interact. The part about this movie that would be awesome is that each character would have a backstory the way the Platform did. So now you’d have a reason to root for certain guys in the warlike environment and why they behave like they do. For instance, you’re following a guy who has a .3 KD ratio and the movie explains how he ate paint chips as a kid. Now you’re watching this guy in battle luck boxing his way to victory in some mission that he’s unaware of. It would be awesome. You could have 10 or 20 different character along the way and only a couple live.

Then the sequel would explain how death works and if they respawn. Endless possibilities.

I don’t have the means to put this together for obvious reasons like I’m not a great writer and have no film making experience. So I’m going to put this on my blog and let someone steal my idea. I want to use this sentence though that if you do steal my idea, just give me credit in some way or another. Who thinks this may have legs?