I’m going to do a better job this year of following through with these. I’m GUARANTEEING a 75% completion rate.

  1. Go to a real hair stylist (not SuperCuts) and get a swag haircut.
  2. Do four interviews for the blog.
  3. Take a one week break from social media.
  4. Volunteer… TWICE.
  5. Do a full wardrobe purge (of the ugly / bad things) and restock.
  6. Frame & hang the Carl Sagan poster I bought 5 months ago.
  7. Try a John’s Roast Pork cheesesteak, I’ve heard enough about how good they are, it’s time to try it.
  8. Reach a 1400 rating in chess.
  9. Stretch before bed every night (that I’m not blacked out).
  10. Do core twice a week.
  11. Get 8+ hours of sleep at least half the nights of the week (FitBit has showed me how rare this actually is).
  12. Practice mindfulness. I’m not even sure what I mean here.
  13. Try floating (mindfulness!).
  14. Go to the dentist (for the first time in four years).
  15. Go to an event at the Kimmel Center.
  16. Actually attempt the 100 miles / 100 beers in a week.
  17. RUN. 2000. MILES.
  18. PR. IN. THE. 5K.
  19. BOWL. A. 300.