Ya boy’s Bovada account was at $0.13 leading into the NFL Playoffs, sign of a savvy better. But a mid-season $25-to-win-$50-Patrick-Mahomes-for-MVP bet saved me for the Super Bowl.

I now have $75 sitting in the account to play with and I need to bet it all on the Super Bowl. The question obviously is, WHAT DO I BET.

My real thought is to parlay the Pats -3 and under 56. But here are some prop bets that caught my eye.

  • Will the game be tied again after 0-0: NO +150
  • Will their be a flea flicker attempt in the game: YES +150
  • How many players will have a passing attempt: UNDER 2.5 +120 (sorry Simoncini)
  • Will their be a penalty for roughing the passer: NO +115
  • What will be higher, Raptors total points or Rams rushing yards: RAPTORS TOTAL +115

Might throw $15 on all of those instead and cross my fingers.

What are you betting on?