Forgive me if you’ve seen this before, as I have no idea if this was actually viral or fake viral now that I’m OFF THE GRID.

Mashable tweeted their floating tent idea and apparently got roasted on Twitter.

News.Google then showed me an article by the A.V. Club (wtf is the A.V. Club?) this morning titled: This floating tent offers you a cool new way to die while camping which really caught my eye.

The second paragraph is amazing:

Yes, at long last, you can now live out your dream of falling asleep while you lazily drift down a river, hit a sharp submerged stick, and awake in total darkness as cool, refreshing water rushes into your tent and a high-quality nylon body bag slowly entombs you and pulls you down to where the rescue divers will recover your waterlogged, fish-eaten corpse.

I heard on a podcast recently that we as companies and as people should never stop taking risks and trying new things, because that’s how you get ahead. But why would anyone want to try new ideas when you just get torched over and over by the masses and articles like this?

Then again, come up with a better idea than a floating fucking tent and maybe that wouldn’t happen.