This is how it went down.

I was running on JFK and about 23rd towards the Schuylkill River Trail, short-shorts, shirt off, full sweat. Up ahead there was a girl walking in the same direction I was running. From what I could tell she was a babe and I was getting excited to impress her by running really fast past her then never seeing her again. I got five feet from passing her when I looked left and saw the one and only KateBarstool.

I stopped, threw my arms up, and said “Are you Barstool Kate??

She said “Yeah!” with a HUGE smile and shook my hand, so I turned and started walking with her. She was just walking into town so I figured I wasn’t intruding. We chatted it up for probably 90 seconds then parted ways. I was trying to think of something funny or charming to say but couldn’t come up with much.

I got home expecting to see an Instagram story from her saying “Runner Sam, please DM me!” but that was wishful thinking. Just add her to the list of almost-hads.