I hit golfer Richy Werenski this past weekend at the longest odds I’ve hit in my life, 35-1. Unfortunately I only had $5 on it and netted $180. This stopped a fairly long losing streak since the PGA started back up. It was unfortunate that Brooks didn’t win as that would have padded my roll with about $500 more. I hedged on JT for round 4, but all that did was break even for the tournament. You can see all my results on the betting sheet.

This brings me to the PGA Championship tomorrow and I’ve put a decent amount of money on many golfers with long odds. My biggest bets with shortest odds are Cantlay and Schauffele. My favorite picks are Tom Lewis, Shane Lowry, and Sepp Straka. My goal is to get some of these players in contention and than start hedging on some of the other players on the leader board. With 4 day events, you can still get long odds on day 2 if a few of your players give you some opportunities. For instance, last week I had Todd and Koepka as outfights and this let me bet on golfers who made sure I was going to at least break even if one of them didn’t win. I get no one cares that much about golf.

So that brings me to the beginning of August and month 4+ of the pandemic. My new favorite pet peeve is watching people pull up their mask when I run by them while exercising. I’m not sure why I find it incredibly rude and take it personally, but I do. It’s bad for humanity that we think that a virus can spread in an outdoor setting while two people run past each other. This translates to the equally inane idea of the people who wear their mask in the car. I get the idea of being cautious, but I’m not that scared person. If the virus is going to spread like that, I’d rather catch it.

To harp on running for one paragraph, my miles dropped to 47 last month (my high was 125 in March). I’ve been recovering from a nagging Achilles and have finally started to up the miles again. I started jumping rope to offset the lack cardio and have enjoyed it as a change of pace. I’m able to do about 300 jumps in a row now without quitting at a moderate pace and have gotten fairly proficient. I notice my shoulders getting a bit stronger, but it’s not much compared to running in the cardio department.

Other than that I’m making and saving money at the highest rate of my life. I’ve been putting thousands of dollars in DKNG and will advertise UAVS one more time for the viewers at home. This would coincide with my main thought that our economy will be crashing soon. The Gov’t receiving trillions from the Fed like this, combined with large corporations going bankrupt and losing billions of dollars, will only fall on the people at some point. Goodbye pensions. It’s only a matter of time. I hate to be a pessimist, but this is unprecedented and was handled poorly in my opinion. Oh well.