This will be a golf related post.

I golfed Saturday with Evan at Scotland Run in Jersey. Cost was $115 at 1:30pm which is a bit pricey, but the course is nice. Good luck getting Bill there. We selected the blue tees and started the round each parring the first two holes which was going off at +1000000. On 4, the 18th handicapped hole, I hit an 8 iron from 160 a bit deep and it plugged in the bunker. I hacked one from the plug to the sand, shorted the sand shot, putt through the rough down a hill, and finished with 2 foot lip out 3 putt. Quad on the easiest hole when your humming along is annoying. On the next hole, I hit a towering drive aided with 20mph wind, the ball hit the cart path and soared 20 feet in the air, then rolled another 40 in the fairway. I ended up having 75 yards on a 450 yard par 4. I hit a beauty to 1 foot (it should have gone in obv) to follow the quad with a birdie.

On 17 and 18, I managed a par / birdie to play the handicapped holes 1-5 at -2. I finished with an 85 (83 GHIN, 9.9 diff) for the round. I’ve been playing poorly. My handicap has ballooned up to a 13 (down to 12.5 after) and every round felt the same where I’m getting the ball to the hole adequately and my short game has been shit. This round felt different where aside from the aforementioned lip out, I missed zero short putts, 2 putted from distance a few times, and even hit a few 6-12 footers. It was odd to say the least when you’re used to sucking. Considering I haven’t been practicing at all, I’m not sure if this was an anomaly or a situation where the course aligned with what I’m doing. When you’re shooting a 90 from the whites at Skippack, and 85 at Scotland Run from the blues, your game is out of whack. When I’m able to play the hardest holes as well as I did, I do have hope, but the season is running out and there were no true goals accomplished for the season.

A final tidbit, the thieves who stole my wireless speaker and range finder from my vehicle a few months ago also stole my Footjoy golf gloves. Little do they know they are caked in snot. If my snot DNA gets me in trouble, remember this paragraph.