18 months into a pandemic and the USA hasn’t learned to live with the virus. Sweden never imposed lockdowns and has 14k deaths among 10 million residents since Worldometers started tracking. That’s a death rate of .14% among the entire population and 1.2% death rate if you had Covid. Their vaccination rate is 67% and they have removed all Covid restrictions this week. The USA has a .21% death rate among the population and a 1.6% death rate if infected. Not much of a difference and we imposed lockdowns. Our Covid restrictions have not been lifted and we are implementing vaccine mandates for healthcare workers (see New York). There’s no doubt more mandates to follow.

Before I start criticizing people who wear masks in their cars by themselves, it’s important to step back and understand what happened and how it affected where we are today. A virus started in Wuhan, China that was partially funded by the USA. Neither country wants to accept responsibility for this global pandemic which is easily seen in the #’s. China ranks #111 in Covid cases, despite being the most populous country, and the USA ranks #1 because we are the wealthiest nation with the most tests. China is saying that it wasn’t us because we don’t have a problem and the USA is saying it’s definitely you and we want to show you how big of a problem it is. If you believe that these numbers are not manipulated to tell a story, I don’t know what planet you’re on but you’re too dense to to participate so stop reading. If you can comment on why China’s cases are virtually non-existent, please prove me dumb.

About a year after the pandemic began, a vaccine was created which about 55% of our population has taken. A friend of mine caught Covid after being vaccinated. He survived but let’s be clear that this vaccine is not some god send like the Governor of New York is praising. People who act like you’re a bad person because you’re not vaccinated are not your friends. If you choose to not get vaccinated and get sick, that’s a personal decision you made. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at your government who helped create why that person got sick.

The standard flu literally evaporated during this 18 month period. There were 35.5 million influenza illnesses in 2018-2019. Read this next line carefully –  During September 28, 2020–May 22, 2021 in the United States, 1,675 (0.2%) of 818,939 respiratory specimens tested by U.S. clinical laboratories were positive for an influenza virus. Here’s the bullshit the CDC is spewing. Am I the only person who doesn’t believe this explanation? That you can go from 35 million to 2,000 in a year. How can you trust the CDC? It appears to me that the 35 million standard flu cases in 18-19′ are in near direct correlation with the 44 million total Covid cases over 18 months.

The people who die from Covid-19 are the immunocompromised, unhealthy individuals who are of older age. 5.8% of all Covid deaths are among the age groups of 49 and under. Consider that .2% of the entire US population has died from Covid should give you some comfortability that statistics say you should survive. People used to get sick and it wasn’t Covid 19. I’m not saying that Covid 19 doesn’t exist. It does but you shouldn’t be scared to leave your house. I was vaccinated so I lessened my risk towards complications. I’ve been to different states, concerts, open bars, indoor dining, and literally all other activities that I used to do and I don’t wear a mask 99% of the time. I wear it about 1% of the time when businesses prefer I do. I was directly next to someone who tested positive for Covid for 2 hours in an indoor setting and didn’t get it. It’s not the kiss of death. Stop being scared of it.

This isn’t gospel. I can be completely wrong and end up 6 feet under tomorrow but this post points out my reality with it. If you’ve had it and felt like you were going to die, I’m sure you wouldn’t write a post like this. I don’t trust the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, the people who shame the anti vaxxers, or the people instilling vaccine mandates. It’s not similar to a polio or measles vaccine. It’s been around for 1 year and isn’t time tested. The guy who I golfed with worked for J&J and said it doesn’t use the virus so there shouldn’t be any long term effects. Sounds good to me except what about these guys opinions about the vaccine?