There was some commotion in the coffee line this morning at the 6th and Chestnut Wawa. I try to get there around 7am before the morning rush hits and parking is viable. I park in a “No Parking” zone that begins at 8am. This space is a 2 minute walk to the store and in front is a homeless guy in a wheel chair. This morning he must have decided to take matters into his own pockets.

The line for coffee is 3 people deep and at the front is wheel chair man. He’s taking his time and I’m not thinking much other than it must be difficult for him to maneuver around. He wheels away and the Wawa security, who also summoned an actual police officer, detains him pointing out that she witnessed him stuffing his pockets with candy. So she keeps saying, “he’s got more”. This guy is pulling king size Hershey bars out of his pocket. “He’s got more”. Water bottle. “He’s got more.” Kit Kat. Now there is another police officer watching this happening and everyone is scared to touch him. I check out and they let this guy off scot free. That would have been the end and not blog worthy accept I got to my car, drive up the block and what do I see? The bastard had even more in his pockets that they didn’t see! I witness him opening up some Starburst and this is telling of our society right now.

Everyone is scared to touch the guy. I’m not sure if this was his initial plan or not but he acted completely out of it. It’s important to look at this situation and start to look at what this guy is stealing. Candy! I’d have to assume he’s a diabetic and this may be how he lost his leg. My point is this individual is in need of help. Yet with Covid, he’s allowed to steal and put right back on the street. A bad decision, yet, I’m not sure what the appropriate response is. This is going to get worse before it gets better.