I’m posting this as is without editing or pictures. It’ll be funny how the two takes differ as I’m still not reading his until this is posted.

Shee’s take:

Sometimes you just know something is going to happen.   A premonition, it happens to me all of the time.  It is always weird when it happens, but is it really that weird if you thought it was going to happen?  (hits joint).   Anyway- last night it happened again, in incredible fashion.   This was just the way it was supposed to happen and there was never going to be another outcome.   The Weens (Jordan, my brother) has covid and the bowling team needed a sub.   So in comes Mr. 183 (this was my average score the first time I subbed, and my new nickname.   How many people can come off the street after not bowling for a year and average a 183? Hint – not many.  Built diffy as the kids say).   

As we are warming up, we shoot the shit, make sure everyone is doing well and in a good place, all that good stuff.    We then get to talking about the strike jackpot and how it is over $1200.    Basically, it is a raffle for league members where you can pay for tickets and if your ticket gets called-  your next frame becomes the one where you must throw a strike.   If you miss, the pot rolls over to the next week.   

Now I am a lot of things, but for this story I am two main things.    A degenerate, and also excluded from being able to participate due to not being a league member.   I obviously needed to get in on this action, so I sparked up a conversation with Tom, and just Tom.  It went a little like this:

Shee:   Tom how much do you normally put in this raffle?

Tom:  I normally put in $5 each week

Shee:  Well how about this week I give you $5 as well, you put in $10, and if any of our tickets get called and you roll a strike-   we split it.

Tom:   Sounds good

This is where the conversation should have ended.   HOWEVA (Steven A Smith voice), Sam puts on his bifocals and decides to question this conversation.   I can’t even remember what exactly he said but it was something along the lines of how Tom should never do this deal because 50% of the time he wins 100% of the pot, and in this deal he will max out at 50% of the pot 100% of the time.  Honestly getting mad typing this out trying to remember the story, I came to bowling to NOT think.   I have a 7 month old daughter who may have pooped 5 times yesterday, I worked an 11 hour day,  buddy if I wanted to nerd out like this I would have just ran track at Ursinus!

Ultimately, I stake Tom the entire $10 for the raffle, and what do you know-  his number gets called.    It was just going to happen this way, it had to.   Nobody in that league has the history that the Snakes of a Lane has.   2 sets of brothers, all very close friends going back decades, Sam going big brain on all of us dissecting $5 worth of raffle tickets-   Tom’s ticket was absolutely going to get called.    The scene was amazing-  he is getting boo’ed, heckled, ridiculed, before he even stepped up to throw the ball!   With a 203 average, of course my guy throws a strike and boom- the pot is ours.



Editors note: Adam triplicate spaces every sentence.