I just finished swimming 50 laps in the pool and am about to go on a 5 mile run. Time moves both slower and faster when you’re away from the job. Unfortunately the week is near over for me and I’m scratching my head where the time went. I absolutely could do this every day for the rest of my life. I would be fitter than ever. I’d carry less stress. I’d enjoy living more. There’s this fine line between providing for yourself by being a productive individual to wasting life away. One could argue that being down here is the ladder, and I don’t doubt it would get old fast, and I’d be complaining how I need to find ways to spend my time, but for one week every year, it’s a fruitful way to feel healthy.

I’d probably find more ways to post because, believe it or not, I don’t mind sharing my opinions on the world. I’m not any smarter than the rest of you readers but, for whatever reason, I have the ability to keep this blog for years and years. I do think that I’d drink less because there’d be less of a reason to. The work is what drives the stress, which is what drives the need for release from the real world. I don’t have that urge as much down here in the day to day. Perhaps I should be vacationing more.