A goal in my life is to not be the herd. The herd can live a safe, content, quiet life, but at the end of the day, you’re still one of the herd. Unless you believe in wild reincarnation, you only get one shot at this. As a reward for the risk of being different, the spoils are most always at the tippy top. Since there are so many people trying to be different, with most of them not even knowing that they should be different, this gets tricky on how to approach life. I’m going to throw some football analogies that I’m currently experiencing outlining thinking different. If you wanted me to write a post on being “the one” in life, it would take me some time, but at the end it would be garble, so let’s stick to football.

I chose the Chargers in my loser’s pool last night. The Chiefs were 4 point favorites at home so I wouldn’t say this is that wild of a pick, yet, out of the 77 remaining participants (100 were eliminated week 1), I was the only person to pick them. I feel great about that. With 8k up top, my goal is to win it all and I have a chance to win this week (tongue in cheek). Why did I pick the Chiefs? 1) They have the best QB in the NFL. There is no 2. But, they needed a pick 6 when the Chargers were about to score to win! That’s the game. No one said the smartest people get to be the one. It’s the people who have balls. More specifically, a combination of the two. I’ll be the first to say that the chance of me winning this pool is slim. I’m too risky and hang on to my convictions too long. I will go down fighting though and you won’t see me chop any action because I want to be the guy.

I’m in a Guillotine league with 18 people and the team with the lowest score gets eliminated every week and their team goes to the waiver wire. It’s a fascinating concept because you don’t need the best team, you just need the team that isn’t the worst. What makes it unique is the waiver wire because if you have money when other teams don’t, you’re at a huge advantage. Unfortunately, the players who get dropped are game changing players (think 1st, 2nd, 3rd, round picks). Without getting these types of guys, the team becomes at a significant disadvantage. In order to wait to have the money to spend when other teams don’t, you’ll need to beat them with “inferior” teams. Not spending the money as long as possible would be my strategy and pray each week. A guy had JuJu and MVS last night so he’s in serious jeopardy. I’d like to think my team can push through again and then we’ll take it another week.

Last week when I got 9th out of 4,900 in the DFS tournament, that’s what I’m looking for in life. I’d rather take an absurd risk than land in the middle playing it safe. I was 191k out of 196k last night. I’m too old to play it safe which is the opposite of what most people say. Like I wrote in the first paragraph, I don’t know what the goal is, but I know what it takes to get there, and hopefully when I arrive, I’ll be proud of the accomplishment.