I love a title like this because any Democrat who sees it immediately goes into reading it with an attitude shift towards disgust and distrust. It goes to show the society we live in and divisive its become. I was not political my entire life and only started taking interest because the “sides” have gotten so absurd that it’s worth pushing against a belief structure.

You may believe I’m biased towards the non-pussification of America, meritocracy, and a general distrust towards humanity…and you’d be right. Despite your belief, I bring both sides of the coin. Here is a Project Veritas story with Ivory Hecker on Fox News manipulating their news. Can you believe it?!?!

You don’t need to watch this interview to know what it says. It’s a data driven world and editors put on stories/programs that appeal to their audience. Business 101. So if the audience is low-income black families at 5pm, they are not showing stories on Bitcoin, but rather whatever story suits that interest (see video). This is data driven for ratings and ratings drive stories. If you watch the news and believe any story they air, and believe it has no bias to it, you’re probably an idiot.

Don’t Trust Anyone

We’ve entered an important age in time where manipulation of media is at an all time high. Stories are created and passed around for personal gain on a religious basis. This is because they can be shared so easily through outlets and, worst of all, people believe it. This is why you should take in all information with distrust and decide for yourself if you believe it.

The financial world is at an all time high with this type of behavior and you see it daily through the meme stocks. The latest hit is DraftKings which is being accused of generating revenue in banned countries. If this story is true, which Draftkings denies, the stock could tumble. If you are heavily short this stock like Hindenburg Research is, why not release the story and go after it as hard as possible to sink the stock to oblivion? As a shareholder, what should I do? Do I believe the actual company or the people who are profiting? Who the hell knows? My best bet is making my decision off of my own personal instinct which has been costly in the past.

It’s your job to decide what to believe. That’s why having a belief system of your own, that is barely influenced by the media and outlets, is crucial to getting through life successfully. If you’re a CNN or Fox News puppet, you’re toast. I’m sure there are countless scenarios of my life where I’ve been victim of this, but the older I get, and the more independent my life becomes, the more I want to escape. It’s why getting out of the manipulation feels liberating where living on an island Kenny Chesney song style appeals. The only way to achieve that is financial independence and that involves manipulating the system in its own right. If your goal is to continue to exist in the perils of this system, good luck to you, but hopefully as a blog reader, you know that’s a pointless way to live.