Going back in time to reveal ugly truths about the past is damaging. It’s a low form of entertainment to dig for ratings and eyeballs. Our culture should be chastising the people doing it instead of forcing fake apologies. Examples in recent weeks stem from celebs doing black face a decade ago. Howard Stern doing Ted Danson. Jimmy Kimmel doing Karl Malone. Jimmy Fallon doing Chris Rock. Pres with Colin Kapernick. The context of these skits is lost in 2020 and should have no bearing on the people’s present day personalities. Also, the honesty is being taken away and removes creativity because the “rules” are being enforced.

For instance, here is Jenna Marble breaking down and crying after being forced to apologize after some Nicki Minaj video.


I don’t even like Jenna Marbles. However, I know that her character is being smeared for what she did 10 years ago to get views on YouTube. If you’re offended by the past, you won’t do well in the future.

The question that should be asked is, “is there a positive response to what is being brought forward?” Most likely, it’s done to shame the person and ruin a career for whichever “news” outlet is reporting to get ratings. It should have nothing to do with getting people to admit they are wrong by their enemies.

If someone produced inappropriate comedy yesterday, with all the racial instances ongoing in our current society, I could see it being brought to light. But not 20 years ago.