Let’s first give is up for one of my most liked tweets ever. This was the Gif I shared when Twitter suspended the account Defiant L’s. 50 likes is equal to a million for common folk. The joke being that Twitter is over the line for suspending the account. If you don’t get the joke, it’s from the Big Lebowski reference to bowling over the foul line.

Why Do I Care About Defiant L’s

Defiant L’s is a Twitter account who goes to the trouble of pointing out hypocrisy by the far left.

A few examples:

The Tweet That Cancelled Defiant L’s

You get the point. It’s a funny account that shows people not holding accountability for what they write on the internet. Well, Defiant L’s got banned for posting this supposedly.

The Issue

Defiant L’s at no point was writing any of their own points of view. They were re-telling a story with truth from the past and present. After the banning, the community who enjoys reading these, was not pleased and clearly let Twitter have it. They must have decided they were wrong for the account to come back so quickly. LibsoftikTok will be right around the corner.

If Defiant L’s account was making these types of Tweets about President Trump, would it be suspended? Of course not. It would be applauded by Big Tech. We’re in this weird time now where freedom of press is under seriously attack and I want to comment briefly on Sam’s last post because I agree with the concepts shared by Urban and Friedman, but one little part I didn’t on Sam’s take on the Rogan angle.

The part about Rogan’s arrows was not stated correctly in my viewpoint. Rogan is bringing people onto his podcast to produce ideas, not arrows. His audience is willing to pop the idea balloons with their arrows IF they agree or disagree with them. You can call this an echo chamber, but it would vary slightly from the alternative side. The arrows that you write “DID shoot the idea down” are arrows from the Government and far left. These arrows are politically motivated, not shooting down with any thought to what is being said. They go out of their way to shut down the podcast and shame him publicly, which he apologized for. If the people who criticize him even listen to one of the podcasts he aired with people about the vaccine, I’d be shocked. He’s not a menace, he’s asking intelligent questions with some of the brightest minds on the planet. Anti-Rogan’s can criticize and smear him all they want, but his value system is strong, and there are some people who are smart enough to see through the negative campaigns and others who are too stupid to even think about it. The non-thinkers are the idiots that the Friedman podcast says produce the “echo chamber”. If you base your beliefs on the media instead of the listening to his podcast, that’s on you.