I’m at the Encore in Boston typing a quick post to check in with the dozens, errr single digits, of fans. This hotel, owned by Wynn, makes the Borgata seem dated. I’ll take a few pictures throughout and update accordingly with this first class accommodation.

Today was a 5+ hour drive from Philly to Boston which was relatively painless. This is on the heels of a 7 hour flight from Lisbon on Sunday, after numerous days of eating and drinking carelessly, and my body battery is drained. No one said it was easy as the constant traveling turns a routine in a joke. Without the routine it’s hard to keep in shape and I feel unhealthy comparatively.

I had done little serious traveling since May of last year and now it feels like a whirlwind. I certainly don’t mind the change in routine, it’s great meeting new people endlessly, as I feel that’s how your life circumstances get altered (hopefully positively). It also provides a new life force into an environment that can grow stale.

I intend to make a post about the differences of European culture and the USA, one monster one being how it’s impossible to keep the water in the shower in Europe. This past trip was easier as there is less of an uncomfortable feeling speaking English in European countries. C’est la vie. The movement around the cities also becomes less stressful, but I do have some stories on that as well. Ever hear of a go-around? I’ll post again in a few days when I get home and have some spare time which seems laughable at this point.