I booked a 5pm tee time yesterday and paired up with a 73 year old man named Dave. Technically we teed off individually, but I caught him on hole 3 and we decided to play together. He wore a hearing aid and had a woman tattooed on his arm that reminded me of what a sailor would get. He was from Jersey.

At 73, he hit the ball with consistency and further than you’d think. On the 150 yard, 5th hole, par 3, he hits this beautiful arcing tee shot that hit the middle of the green and rolled to 1 foot that he tapped in for birdie. I thought it was going to be a hole in one.

On the 8th hole he told me how his wife had passed at the beginning of this year at the age of 63 from a cancer that invaded her liver. He has children in different areas of the globe and he said that his wife would have wanted him to join the country club. I thought he may break down in tears, but I’m glad he didn’t.

I enjoyed his conversation of how back in the day a new car would sell for a $50 dollar profit and the real profit was made from used vehicles. More so, I was impressed with his golf game at 73. He wasn’t hitting 300 yard drives, but he was finding fairways and a consistent ball striker. I enjoyed the 9 holes we played together.

I’ve also upped my game and shot a second consecutive round in the 80’s. On 9 I hit one of the best drives I’ve hit all year about 300, wind with, right down the center. I missed the 5 foot birdie putt. I also managed to land the ball on the green in 2 on what I consider the hardest hole par 4 on the course, #12. To shoot an 89, I managed to hit my tee shot on 18 OB left and proceeded to par the hole for a double bogey to sneak in the eighties. My handicap has dropped to 16.5 and I think I’m playing closer to 14 considering my ball striking. I’m getting a new 3 wood and driver which should hopefully enhance my equipment as well. When bars and bowling are banned, I’ve moved to golf.