There’s a girl at the gym who has huge knockers and they’re disproportional to her fit body. Since we go to the gym at the same time, I see her often. I don’t run in the cold weather so I work out on the treadmill and there is this big mirror in front of the weights and treadmill. If she’s working out in front of the treadmills, I’m looking at her front from her reflection in the mirror. Seeing she’s always there in front of me, and she’s got these magnetic melons, it’s impossible not to notice them. Every time I look forward into the mirror, and she catches my eyes, she would think I’m staring at her boobs. Which I probably am but that’s because it’s like 2 giant spotlights are beamed down on her. To not be rude I’d have to stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes not to notice her and that’s tough on a treadmill. I feel like going up to her and saying that I’m not trying to stare at your rack but you’re wearing these accentuating tank tops and you have to know that every ape thinks the same thing. You know what you’re doing so don’t penalize the gallery if you catch them glancing (and frankly she probably doesn’t). You don’t see me wearing a Speedo to work out. This would clearly be more humiliating than attractive, but it’s the same idea. If you’re saying that girls who where these low cuts shirts aren’t complicated. They are. They are.