Solved at the State Level

Conversations about the President are too intense to discuss! I’m not sure the word intense is correct here. What’s intense is when the drunk guy at your blackjack table says he hit his 15 against a dealer 7 after waving it off, and then proceeds to stop the entire table saying he hit, and you clearly saw him stay and back the floor, so they get the pit boss involved and when drunk idiot is proven wrong he calls you a mask wearing pussy. I was only wearing the mask because the casino makes you wear the mask but this should give you an idea of mask stances among the general population.

So we move from a land where the President thought he could control the virus and now he’s saying that there is no hope from a federal level. Add to it that the CDC says quarantine time after a positive test result is now 5 days from 10 days. Who the hell was doing 10 days anyway? We’re only a few short weeks from this isn’t that big of a problem, let’s all go back to they way it was. Don’t get tested anymore unless you’re going to die. It’s not a big of a deal. The flu is back! Covid is over.

When I saw Bill on Christmas he mentioned that sometimes my posts are too long so I’ll try to keep them a bit shorter and make more of them. He recommended I watch the Johnny Carson monologue on channel 252 at 10pm. I’ll write a post about that when I get some more material. Here’s Johnny!