I’ve unplugged from social media apps except for Twitter, which still provides insights from Elon Musk, Mama Cathie and Dr. Parik Patel, BA, CFA, AACA ESQ (“now that the stock market is closed for the weekend, I can lose money in crypto instead”). When the man who is sending rockets to space, is trying to colonize Mars, is the world’s richest person, and is creating self driving electric cars, perhaps we should listen.

Although, with Jack out, I have a feeling that the CancelCulture will continue to thrive. If they ban LibsofTikTok, I’m out. I’m done with Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp (all Meta). No SNAP which I didn’t use anyway. I’ll scan Reddit from time to time but it’s created by liberals who smell their own farts.

I’m also attempting to look at my phone less and sometimes not at all. I won’t text you back quickly which shouldn’t be considered rude because I’m literally not looking at it for spans of time. In fact the inverse should be noted that if you text back immediately, you probably are addicted to you phone. Aside from Spotify, Draftkings, or Netflix (I use my phone to simultaneously watch shows and sports), my goal is to detach from technology. Obviously this goal is harder to achieve as all walks of life are moving to a handheld device. There are negatives that go along with the phone like instead of giving a real smile…we give an emoji. We don’t look at porn on our computer anymore…we look at it on our phone! Watch it if you’ve never seen it!

This isn’t to dismiss the novelty of a phone and all the apps. The goal is to move away from these insincere companies and stop playing in their trash can. I want to see Facebook crater SOOOO BAD Dan Flashes style. The company started as a place to network with friends and share pictures and turned into a spying ad machine creating divisiveness amongst an entire society. I’ve decided to stop helping them by using their tools. You should do it to because that’s the only way to stop their harmful ways. I also feel the phone detracts from personal interactions and if your head is down, society has accepted it instead of chastising it. I wouldn’t be surprised if human interactions stop entirely. Hopefully not in my lifetime.

My other movement is to stay away from media promoting stories in a devious, biased manner (CNN & Fox). It’s clear that some media is not here to help but to sell stories and get ratings. The best way to combat this is to not view what they are promoting. Once enough people stop feeding them, they will go away. This becomes nearly impossible though when your elected government is promoting messages telling you you’re going to die if you’re not vaccinated. Do they know that for sure? These rulers are elected by the people and my gut instinct tells me that the people may have varying opinions over what the government’s intervention should be on vaccination. Threatening death, on a virus that they just as likely funded, seems wrong to me considering the data.

My aim in life is to align myself with impartial news and make decisions for myself, not rely on sources who clearly have ulterior political motives. My instinct tells me that if you can’t get people to take the vaccine on their own, and your best method is by force, something is wrong. Don’t shame people for asking why they are taking a drug created in a year by profit hungry pharmaceutical companies for a virus that kills 1.6% of the people who catch the virus. This is America and we’ve become the divided states. Until we start aligning ourselves without the influence of biased media, data mining big tech, and government tomfoolery, we’re better off creating AI to start the process of taking over because we are doomed.