After striking out completely on the DP World Tour and PGA, it all came down to household names Retief Goosen (35-1) and Sarah Schmelzel (50-1). Goose was playing well, but struggling to make a birdie. A bogey on 17 by Alker tied Goosen for the lead with 1 to play. On his 2nd shot into the green on the par 5, he hit in the water. I’m cursing knowing it’s all but over if Alker lays up. You know what Alker did? He hit in the water too. Goosen got up and down and Alker botched his chip and putt for a win. Schmelzel stunk, along with all the other ladies I had, and Nelly Korda won her 3rd consecutive event. I had her at 7-1 for the 3rd straight event as Nelly is paying my bills. I would say she is more dominant than Scheffler (2nd place this week after win, win) in the LPGA. You will not get long odds on her from here on out, most likely for her career (she’s only 25).

This followed a 7-1 run in college basketball which was quite profitable. This puts me up about 3k for the year and still down about 11k since May of ’18. My goal is to get that number to even. I’m aware it’s quite a feat considering I’m down 5 of the last 6 years. But this year is different!

I don’t think I’m a better bettor, but I’m continuing to refine my sources of info along with a gut instinct on golfers I think are undervalued. There is zero chance I get back to even betting any sport but golf. I know that’s laughable considering it’s the sport I’m down the most on, but I’ll need a lucky run, and a few triple figure hits. This kind of talk is what normal people consider… delusional.