I hit a nice one yesterday to end my horrific gambling Josh Downs-turn. The only way to get out of a gambling hole is to keep betting. This one, along with Evan’s over lock last night, gives me some juice to hopefully run back up to 7k which was back in March (everyone needs a goal). That is the high water mark of the account and it’s currently at $600. So, yes, I’ve lost about $6,400 this year almost all on golf. The good new is that a turn is Isiah Likely.

I’ll write briefly on the 1st TD as I’ve hit my fair share. I wouldn’t say I’m good at this by any means, but I do have a theory. The odds on the underdog scorers are always higher and I’m not convinced the 1st score has any correlation to the outcome of the game. So when I saw 19-1 on Hockensen last night, that looked great for a solid player. Picking not the best player, on teams without a star RB, that are dogs, is something to consider. I also think a CMC first TD bet is ALWAYS a good bet. I will be betting Nico Collins 1st TD (+1200) as he’s the undoubted #1, and Dameon Pierce is no guarantee to score, on a home team that’s favored in a game no one will watch. I’ll post a few more picks because I’m going to get hot. Dolphins -5-5, Tua over 275 has been suggested.