If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, I’ll win about $1,800 on my futures bets. I have $250 to win $2,058. A futures bet means I bet them before it was vogue to be a Chiefs fan. Now every dumbass Swiftie jumps on this band wagon, and it’s too late for me to get off. I’m not even sure how the line is +2 to the Chiefs. I must be watching different games.

Taylor Swift the Attention Hooker

I had whore, but hooker seems less offensive in this day and age. The bigger storyline behind the Super Bowl is whether Travis Kelce will propose to Taylor Swift and you should know how I feel about that.

Taylor Swift is by far the biggest distraction to the NFL in years. In the fairy tale that these two are deeply in love, I’m not convinced. What conspiracy theory you like more, the NFL being rigged to get Mahomes & the Chiefs to the Super Bowl, or Taylor Swift working the NFL audiences for the upcoming election, it seems like puppetry to me.

Don’t be such a hater! She’s good for the game! As an actual fan of the NFL, I understand why most people can’t get enough. It’s odd to me that normies spent their Sundays doing something other than watching football. Like, millions of people don’t know or care about the NFL. These are the people that Taylor Swift invites. Which doesn’t bother me either. Growing the game is important. It’s that she has nothing to do with football. Let her watch the game instead of giving her national attention on what the Chiefs win/loss record is when she attends.

I’d be lying if i wasn’t biased because of her overwhelming fan base of simple minded teens who would give a digit for a piece of her hair. She’s an invasion to the game that doesn’t need her. The NFL was a place where men could watch the game without worrying about what Taylor Swift was doing in the world. She loves the attention too which is also why it’s a face palm. It’s this feeling like, “one time, do you have to be the superstar?” I have a hard time getting behind it as much as I hate to be a hater, but that’s just how I feel.

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