How come you never read about how people contract Covid 19? This is the governor of our State. The man who repeatedly explains how dangerous the virus is. Repeatedly tells you to wear a mask. Repeatedly uses lockdowns as a threat for controlling the virus. You would think Mr. Wolf would be the model of clarity and safety. Think again.

That babe in the back is Secretary of Health Richard Rachel Levine. The secretary of health should be a model of health. I understand why she’s the choice for the position. It’s showing that transgender people deserve to be treated exactly the same as everyone else which I completely agree with. However, why would you choose the 1% to make decisions for the other 99%? If Ms. Levine is the #1 qualified person for the job, I’d say fine. However, if she’s the secretary of health to make a point, I have a problem with it. A complex issue if you are a woman or a man is not a mundane detail.

Wolf’s Statement

“During a routine test yesterday, I tested positive for COVID-19. I have no symptoms and am feeling well…

“As this virus rages, my positive test is a reminder that no one is immune from COVID, that following all precautions as I have done is not a guarantee, but it is what we know to be vital to stopping the spread of the disease and so I ask all Pennsylvanians to wear a mask, stay home as much as possible, socially distance yourself from those not in your household, and, most of all, take care of each other and stay safe.”

Huh? Which part of this is confusing to the public? That you can still catch Covid taking all precautions? I’ll return to my original question, how did he catch it?

Wolf’s spokesperson’s response below.

It’s unclear how Wolf contracted the virus, but his spokesperson, Lyndsay Kensinger says multiple members of his security team recently tested positive for COVID. The governor has been primarily at his home or at PEMA over the past few months.

Wolf’s public schedule for the past week had just one event — a virtual news conference about the pandemic on Monday where he appeared along with Levine, and one of her deputies. All wore masks as they took turns at the podium.

The Invisible Virus

The story from Tuesday is that Dez Bryant had a test that was inconclusive so he was pulled out of pre-game warm ups, tested, and that rapid test came back positive. It appears that Dez is quite confused by this if you read the above tweet. I also quoted someone who responded to Dez’s tweet saying that they caught it out of thin air.

Latest update, 12/10/20, further showing organizations have no idea what they’re doing or how to handle the virus they aren’t sure how to test for.

My conundrum comes from the processing of all this information. You can catch the virus out of thin air even taking all necessary precautions it seems. I’ve been living life the past 10 months and I haven’t caught it out of thin air. Or if I have had it, I didn’t even know it. Which is worse for the narrative?

What I would want to read is that Tom Wolf caught the virus from a news conference with Rachel Levine. Dez Bryant was out partying, not doing the same routine. Those would be facts. What the public is being fed in regards to information is total bullshit that they don’t expect you to question. If the answer is that we throw up our arms and say “who knows?”, we accept this ambiguous response to high profile people catching the virus.

To finalize this post with a theory about Mr. Wolf and testing, the PCR testing can produce whatever results you want them to depending on the amount of cycles. If Mr. Wolf wants to test positive to show how severe the virus is (and considering he has absolutely no symptoms), this is what could happen on a 40 cycle test. What really has me scratching my head though is there are people who are legitimately sick. I don’t believe people are faking their illness so somewhere there is a block of misinformation with regard to testing, how infectious you are, and a vaccine at the heart of this discussion. Good luck figuring it out.