I was happy to see a comment from Drew on my last post. Unbeknownst to humans without blogs (the vast majority), getting a thoughtful comment is reinforcement to continue posting. We’re all sensitive to critique and dissenting opinions, but it’s what makes us better.

Rather than respond to his comment, which I’ll do intermittently, I’m going to tackle another issue that I more infuriating which is freedom of speech. This amendment is being encroached upon and being turned upside down in 2020. It cannot lose it’s critical importance.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – Peter Griffin

I read that this is misquoted to Voltaire sometimes as well.

Let me revisit my last post Fat Chance. This is not a popular opinion. Calling out fat people is petty and trite. What America has become is demonizing me for having my opinion which I shared in the article. Shockingly I understand eating disorders more than you may think and make efforts not to under estimate the severity of these issues. On the flip side, I’m allowed to think that eating Ben and Jerry’s is not a proper coping mechanism to Covid 19.

In our current culture, and if this blog were read by more than 20 people, I’d be burned at the stake for calling out the obese for using surgery as a crutch. People who may be overweight could read my post and think I’m a jerk. This is where our freedom of speech is like walking on egg shells. How can I write what I think without offending half the population? It makes me want to take a paragraph and explain that I don’t care if you’re overweight. It makes no difference to me personally. I care about your integrity, selflessness, and contribution to society. Yet, the fact that I have to justify this is why people are less inclined to take these positions.

To Drew’s comment, I’m sure an apathetic approach is how the majority accepts that article. My main concern is the normalization of scenarios that aren’t normal. Other countries don’t have the obesity problem that the USA has. We’re, pardon my pun, feeding into this idea that people should shut up and let people be unhealthy. It’s the same reason people don’t tell me that I’m an alcoholic. I know I drink too much the same way a person knows they eat too much. At what point is the article I read a normalization of bad behavior and bad for society?

For whatever reason I’m programmed in this simulation to bring it to people’s attention that it’s wrong. It potentially ostracizes me from an audience and I would understand if they don’t like me for it. I apologize profusely but won’t stop doing it. When it’s destructive to society, it should be called out as being such and we can’t be too scared to do it and I’m worried that’s what’s happening.