I woke up at 7am this morning and immediately flipped on the Masters. AM golf is always superb. It brings me back to 2016 when Henrik Stenson shot a 63 and outlasted Phil at the British Open. Covid bringing the Fall Masters is fun for me and don’t even get me started about tomorrow.

So I get some breakfast and text Adam my DK team because he’s the only one I know who watches the golf like I do. Then we start watching the end of the 2nd round and I’m texting him how I think Rahm’s swing only goes back part way and I can’t figure out why I don’t respect his game. Then I’m laughing at typical Louis not getting up the putting green and then lipping a 4 footer to make double. Finally Bryson is in the trees once again and I’m pointing out he’s just like us. Then a thought struck me, am I gabbing on about these players in the same exact way people dish on the Bachelor series?

What are the key differences? One is a sport and the other is a fake reality TV show. One is live and the other scripted. One involves talent and the other involves good genetics and a wacky personality. Either way, the way I critique the best players in the world isn’t that far off from the way Peter has white teeth and Kelley has brown eyes.

As I imagine most girls have little interest in golf, which isn’t that different from most guys, the way I gossip and bet on golf truly isn’t that different in public perception. I analyze Paul Casey’s stupid attire, Louis’s flawless swing, and Tiger’s unflappable demeanor. Sports are to men as entertainment TV is women. Both sides think they are drastically different in importance, but at the end of the day, how different are they? My opinion is immensely, but of course, it would be.