Nopus was dropped last week and it’s a nice follow up to Opus 5 years ago.

An Opus is defined as an artistic work; especially on a large scale. I’m sure Eric Prydz felt this way and named it accordingly which is why it’s cool to now have Nopus.

My achilles has finally healed and I’m back to being able to go on longer runs. To prevent against re-injuring myself, I’m going to intermittently include jump rope days with short runs instead of trying to pack on the miles which is a sure fire trip to the IR.

I started jumping rope in June when I reaggravated my achilles after putting in 100+ miles in a month. It’s a different type of exercise because there are no weights and it requires a wiry strength, instead of brute, which serves me well. Starting out it’s difficult to go for a few minutes in one shot. After the initial workouts, your arms will feel other worldly with pain. Over time, your body adapts, the shoulders broaden, and the lactic acid build in your legs takes longer. Here’s Brie Larson working out.

Today, while listening to Nopus, I was able to do over 500 jumps without breaking the rhythm. Messing up in jump rope is infuriating and I’ve been known to throw the rope against my fence or Shee smashing it on the ground if it stings me after catching my foot and whipping my back. 500 isn’t what I would consider an accomplishment, but try doing 1,000 and come back to me. I would also recommend seeing how many doubles you can do in a row and that’s a serious workout that will get the heart pumping like running won’t do. If cardio isn’t your bag, and you want to sustain a workout, jumping rope has saved my burn when I can’t run.

To come full circle with the title of the post, here are a few jams that are great at the moment.

Young Bombs feat Darius Rucker – Wrong Side Of Love

Matoma – Keep It Simple (I know it’s old but new to me)

EDX Feat Jess Ball – I Found You (Neptune)