Nick Bachem was the only golfer to come through for me yesterday to hit a 100-1 that I had $20 on. This was a 2k hit where I quickly lost some on Rory and Scottie only to get it back on SDSU and Miami. A solid Sunday and a new biggest single bet hit to my record. Here is how I currently stand after almost 5 years of betting and 5,800 bets with an average bet size of $32. Full sheet.

Not Bad?

I’m losing a ton on golf, unfortunately, I find golf to be the most fun. NFL is a close second and I’d put all the other winning leagues as anomaly’s in a small sample size. I will not be convinced though that I can’t turn that around. I got Bradley Todd now, a juiced up bankroll, and a whole lot of luck stored up. Anyone else track bets and show a winning record?