My workplace has blocked SplittingTens from being accessed so I’m a bit out of luck posting from work until I find the fix. There has been a fair amount of topics that I can write about so I’ll combine all of them into one super post that quick hits.

Running – I’m signed up for the TexMex 5k in Lansdale on the 22rd of this month. Today I went to the Temple track for the first time in a few years to get an idea of where my 5k time was. I went 5:35, 5:49, 5:55 for a 17:54 5k time. I’d equate this to the lifetime 17:30 I am for a 5k. If I break 17, I’d be quite pleased.

This is the time I beat Ian that he likes to forget for the Broad St. It’s no 55, but I think I could give that one more go.

Broken Taillight – A week ago I was parking and angled into a tree branch. I thought nothing about it but it appears I smashed out the glass portion around the tail light. It’s that or someone smashed it on the street. Either way I made an appointment with the dealer and they said it will cost $430. It’s a piece of glass. The idea of selling a dirt cheap care with expensive repairs seems like a billion dollar idea.

Bowling – We lost in the playoffs last week and I rolled like a turd. I carried a 207 average through the season and showed up with a 180, 196 2 game series that wasn’t overpowering. I like to think I show up in big spots but this wasn’t one of them. I didn’t blog about the 289 I rolled a few weeks ago because at this point, who cares if it’s not 300.

Stock market – How many times can you buy the dip? Until you run out of money. Fortunately I’ve turned into a savvier investor at my old age and have more money in cash as I slowly put my money back into the market. Yes you will lose money in the short run and it’s not guaranteed to come back quickly. You’re seeing unprecedented mismanagement of money by the government and fed, and the country is paying the price. Cash is king and do your best not to lose money. Slowly get it back into the market at these levels but I wouldn’t be surprised if we head lower.

Golf – After a terrible round memorial day, I straightened my left wrist and rectified a few issues. My last few rounds have been 84, 83, 86, and 90. The breaking 80 goal is close. My approaches from 100-120 need to start getting nearer to the pin for me to get there as I’ve improved my chipping and putting. I’ve also thought about joining a new club that I’ll add more to after I tour the facility.

Biden – What you’re seeing out of the administration can no longer be blamed on the past president. These people in charge seem like they want to destroy the country. Can you imagine if Manchin voted for the other 3 trillion to be spent? He’s the hero. Is there any accountability to the billions of dollars spent in Ukraine? Have there been any apologies for the lockdown / free money system that ruined the entire economy and supply chain? This shitty blog predicted that was going to happen when you shut down an entire country yet these geniuses in office act surprised. I’m going to be placing a bet that he doesn’t making it through his term. He’s not done messing it up yet.

Europe – I’ll be heading to Europe the start of July so my blog posts will be stalled. I’ll be seeing Milan, a part of Austria I’ve yet to see, Cologne, and Amsterdam. Should be nice to get back out traveling again. Hopefully that will spur some nice posts.