Having an 18-1 ticket on Morikawa yesterday was heart breaking. After 9 holes, with a 6 stroke lead, he wins the tournament 199 times out of 200. Being that I was on him, he lost…by 2. That was $450 that didn’t come my way but even worse was Miles Sanders completely igging the squad. At 3:24pm, here was what I saw on DK.

There were still the 4pm games to play, but this was strong lineup, and Sanders shit the bed to get me a ho hum 11th.

Who Binks These?

I had 3 close calls this year in large field tournaments and couldn’t win one. I have only once in my life finished in 1st. $600 is great, but it’s not $7,500. $600 is already gambled on playoff games. $7,500 would make the playoff run insane. I’m sure everyone appreciates these woe is me posts, but I swear this blog will offer some good information once in my life. Just not this year…