4 Beers and Driving

Drinking and driving has gotten to a point where you’re an asshole if you do it. In the 80’s, you didn’t have much of a choice. With Uber so prevalent, it’s hard to make good cases to drive places if you intend to drink. Having said that, I hear where the coach is coming from. If I drink 4 hundred beers on a golf course, I’m not taking an Uber back. Is .1 deserved of a DUI? It’s a slippery slope that you just don’t comment on, like I’m doing right now.

Spit on That Thang!

I never commented on the Hawk Tuah girl because it’s not a thang. A low level podcaster found a girl who looks attractive and she said a catch phrase with a southern accent that went viral. She’ll be done in a month so she should cash in now. To give her 30k to stand there like an uncomfortable human? Who is paying for that? I’d take every cent she can before she starts an OnlyFans.

Stop Recording For Fucks Sake

I don’t like Bobbi Althoff except the one where she got the black woman to think a musician was a magician. That was pretty funny. The one with Andrew Santino had some moments.

She’s a mid level podcaster who found some success and is enjoying life. Fans/Paparazzi are trying to make a buck making her look like an ass. People get drunk. They aren’t at their finest when they do. To use this as a ploy to get eyeballs is despicable.

Purdue Fight Song

Money is only money. A good fight song is forever.

Keegan & Miguel

This is a funny exchange between newly selected USA Ryder Cup Captain Keegan Bradely and Miguel Angel Jimenith. It happened years ago, but has been popping up recently, and always entertaining.