I’ve made over 10k listening to Andrew Gourlay for investing advice. I first bought 100,000 shares of PHIL on 1/31/21 @ .0074. This was $740 in a stock that Gourlay found on WSB. As the stock continued to sink, I continued to buy until I amassed 700,000 shares or around 3k of my hard earned money. Since I wrote about it on 5/18/21 at $.0027, it has been on an absolute tear. It currently sits at almost 2 pennies and about a 390% return for me.

Philling the Heat

I posted this message on a Phil message board.

As you may have guessed, the group wasn’t bombarding me with great answers.

I learned that going to a Facebook message board for answers is about as dumb as asking Andrew the Giant to drink 1 beer.

Should You Buy Phil?

This is the man the apes are listening to, SDHunter. PHIL has become the most popular stock on stockwits and I’m a bit flabbergasted. I write this post because Henry is talking tomorrow at an emerging growth call at 12:30pm that I’m going to tune into. I currently hold 10k of PHIL after selling off my initial principal. I wouldn’t be surprised if this stock collapsed into oblivion and then trades wildly. There is so much uncertainty that until the financials have been filed, there is still no revenue. Look at this document! There is no way this company is worth $500 million dollars with $454,524 assets. Unless this says numbers are in thousands which I don’t see. The hope is that this company has $3 billion dollars in an Asian Diamond mine or any one of the business dealing in this Powerpoint. There are so many wildly ambiguous ventures that it’s no wonder they have no time to file documents. It’s easy for me to be in PHIL because it didn’t cost me that much and I’m already winning. Do you want to go on the PHIL ride with Gourlay and I? ??️.

Honestly, the idea that a stock like PHIL can turn you into a Phillionaire is so alluring that putting a few pesos into it may be brilliant. I have a feeling we’ll see a pull back before it explodes, but that’s just me. If it does crash, I’ll probably buy a few more. As always, trade at your own risk.