Bud Light “Low Level” Staffers Mastermind Campaign

Not sure I’m buying this one, but they are back tracking on their political stance, and thinking it may have not been wise to feature a boy turned girl to market to red necks and frat boys. Smart for business…bad for my put position. Maybe 50 years from now we’ll naturally say that men date girls with penises and it’ll be no different than being gay today. If you want to market a device that tucks you’re penis in using a transsexual, that seems like astute marketing. Marketing a beer using someone who would not drink beer misses the mark and clearly an attempt at raising their CEI. It’s nice to see people rebelled.

US “Not Fighting” War in Ukraine

Perhaps the biggest story that the government wants to go away is a 21 year old leaking top secret documents to the public through Discord. It’s hard to see the documents clearly, and I didn’t search through the annals of 4Chan for clarity, but they look like battle plans from the US side in the fight against Russia. That simple. US is fighting Russian. Oddly, the question how does a 21 year old piss ant get access to them is one amazing question regarding our government security. The second bizarre aspect is how left media is portraying the kid as a “gun toting racist” and right media a “hero”. Personally, it seems to me the government looks ridiculous, wants this to go away, doesn’t want you to ask questions about Ukraine, and will do whatever it takes to make this kid look like the bad guy when it’s clearly they are to blame. The rest of the world is a bit miffed at us too now everyone knows everyone is lying.

Joe Biden is Too Old For Presidency

To all the people who voted for him in ’20, I get it. You didn’t like Trump, experienced Democrat seems harmless, it’s time for a change, but for the love of god tell me if he runs in ’24 you wouldn’t vote for him again? This man is a bumbling buffoon who has the world laughing at us. If you don’t see it you’re purposely being blind and that’s worse. I understand these clips are doing everything in their power to make him look dumb but C’MON. He’s a slower version of your 80 year old grandfather and he’s the President of the world’s (once) most powerful country.