Spotify added an AI DJ back in February and this is the first time I’ve started using it. It speaks every couple songs with comments like “you you used to listen to this artist years ago, but they’ve fallen out of your playlists, here’s Capital Cities.” Why do I bother to make a post writing about an AI DJ? Embrace it.

What is AI? It’s statistics. Can it create new ideas or does it only organize input? This Spotify playlist is a perfect example of taking years and years of data, then creating listening tastes with what YOU selected the most in the past. Not only does it play songs that I like based on past history, but it also plays songs that I’ve never heard before. This has always been my major gripe with my own playlist and why I prefer the radio to songs, you hear new material if it’s not yours. The Spotify DJ does a tremendous job mixing not only fresh songs, but different genres. I’ve heard new wave, alt, EDM, and classic rock. It curates the listening experience better than any concept I could come up with myself and that’s saying something to technology.

Jeff and I talked briefly about the DJ on the golf course and Bud mentioned how ChatGPT was saving time coding and you’re a moron if you think it’s going away. Now do I think that companies who mention AI should get trillion dollar valuations like Nvidia just because they say AI? I’m not sure we’re quite there yet but I also don’t know what it being developed behind close doors. For all I know there AI is already in control. For our brief period on this Earth, before the machines have taken over, we might as well enjoy what it’s providing.