Down to 4 with GB taking down a few more of the competition. Justin Remlinger made a nice away team pick to move through. Confire4655 will most likely be taking the Raiders and will get through. I’d imagine WFINLEY is thinking the same thing as me this week using the BYE. That will leave 4 people into week 13.

If I want to get gutsy this week, I can take the Panthers against the Titans, Chargers (home) against the Ravens, or the Bucs against the Colts. Believe it or not, I have strong conviction the Colts will win that game. It’s a bit tricky because the Panthers play the Bucs next week and I wouldn’t feel comfortable there either. Adding to the decision next week are taking the away Chiefs against the Packers or the Bengals vs the Jags. Nice spot to be in!