In the past 22 day’s I’ve made 127 bets, wagered $3,694 dollars, and have lost $20. If you consider that has occupied hundreds of hours of my time, you’d come to the conclusion that I’m wasting it. You’re not wrong. Results below.

Dave do you think you can fix column F where Sam was unable to get it to work correctly (bet odds of + value compute negatively in the Net column)? To make it work I remove the one section of the formula. Send me your email and I’ll open access and you can ridicule Sam.

The time occupier of sports betting is the exact same conclusion I came to with online poker. I might not be horrible at it (losing 2k in 2 years truly isn’t terrible), but there is no justification for the time spent. So I wanted to take this post and give the psychological excitement to sports betting and why I continue to do it.

  1. I hate losing bets. It’s not the money that bothers me, “it’s being right”. Bill Schmidt said this on the golf course about money management and he’s one of the wildest gamblers I know dropping 1 to 2 large on games all the time. The satisfaction of being right overrides the money.
  2. Building the roll. There isn’t much excitement when you bet $5 dollars on a game. If you win you can buy a sandwich. My expectations of betting is plain and simple, build the roll, get lucky and make a big score. I’d compare it to hitting the lottery. You want to hit that hot streak where you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Your bankroll builds and next thing you know you’re putting a K on Kent State basketball game ready to go bonkers. There’s not many better feelings in life.
  3. How to handle losing. This is integral when it comes to sports betting because it’s the hardest part not going off the rail. Getting bad beat usually puts you on auto tilt and you’d be labile to bet your entire roll. If you are capable of managing this aspect of losing, you’ll be better off for it because it teaches how to lose with control.

When I win bets, I’m not happy because I gained the money. What I gained is the ability to bet again at potentially a higher limit. When I lose, it’s losing resources that detracts from my chance to make another bet. Whereas making a run is the best feeling, redepositing is the worst feeling. You have to have losing limits when you’re sports betting or else it can spiral out of control. This past time for me is only that and I can afford to lose the money I wager. Any other type of gambling is irresponsible.