Alex commented on the last post so I assume there is some moderate interest in the subject matter.

Here is the drinking spreadsheet for the month of January. It details how much money I spend on alcohol and how many drinks I record. It’s an imperfect system for a few reasons which truly aren’t that important. A Coors Light is the same as a shot of Whiskey which doesn’t seem fair. Also, once you hit 10 drinks, who really knows anymore.

To respond to Alex’s questions on whether I drink during the week, I certainly do. The bigger drink nights are the weekends and there are plenty of drinks during bowling. I also don’t have a hard time reaching 10 drinks if the day is starting at noon and there is football on so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were under counted.

I’ve wrote plenty of times about dealing with alcohol and I’ve never made it a secret that it’s affected my life negatively at times. I’m sure most people don’t keep spreadsheets like this because it would be looked at as having a problem. I’m not proud of it but I’m also not ashamed about who I am. Each one of these recorded drinks is a social drink and it’s a stigma that people don’t want to stare dead in the face. It doesn’t bother me. If you want to argue if the socializing while drinking offsets sobriety, I think you’d know my answer.