Let’s start with what life used to look like. I have no idea what year this is or what country it is. The caption to it was “life before processed foods”.

From That To This

I’m a huge believer that Facebook is terrible for society. I bought some put options a few weeks ago to put my money where my mouth is. I hope Zuckerberg and company collapse and dismantle because they use scrupulous tactics for personal gain. Read the entire Wall Street Journal report if you want to know more on how their platform damages teen’s body image, numerous examples of biased reporting, and elitist favoritism to name a few. They are well aware that this is taking place and act either 1) like it’s not happening 2) that they can’t do anything about it. It’s shameful and when this type of behavior occurs, you should be punished.

WSJ Facebook Metaverse

That brief intro can give you some idea of what I think about the Metaverse which Mark Zuckerberg is putting $10 billion dollars into (and many billions more towards the future decades). I understand that the design is to have a virtual life environment. Instead of meeting friends in person, you meet them in a virtual reality. Sounds cool in theory, but terrible in practicality. Pretty much my take on working remotely as well which is an experiment we’re living. Companies are saving tons on real estate, and realizing that their workers are ecstatic… and less efficient. Nobody will say that they aren’t as efficient remotely, but from my experience, everyone who I deal with who works remotely is slower, inefficient, less motivated, and less communicative. I don’t doubt that millions of people would disagree but that’s my opinion.

Here’s Zuckerberg take on the new revenue stream, “If you’re in the metaverse every day, then you’ll need digital clothes and digital tools and different experiences. Our goal is to help the members reach a billion people and hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce,” he said.

The Shitty-Verse

  • Let’s take our already overweight, unhealthy population and let them spend more time “living” by moving even less!
  • Efficiency is gained in a virtual world, but it’s a distant communication with no warmth. Humans are turning into virtual creatures.
  • The moral rules of a virtual world are going to be chaotic as people will take less responsibility for their actions.
  • Think Demolition Man when Sylvester Stallone and Sandra Bullock are having sex.

The Future?

It’s inevitable that humans will move to a virtual reality. I’m happy I’ll be dead before it comes to that. It seems sad and soul-less to me. I understand the idea behind this reality and the benefits, but who wants to be sold virtual clothes for your virtual human? That world isn’t life. It’s going to turn people into Eric Cartman playing Warcraft. People enjoy that idea though. They crave being lazy and living in a digital world. I’m happy that my generation may not see this come to fruition. I do thin Altered Carbon is a cool future (elites!) and I like the Black Mirror depictions (social ratings & ride that bike!) as well for what that’s worth.