The Plandemic video I shared was removed from YouTube. If that doesn’t strike you as a restriction of freedom, you shouldn’t read my posts because you’re not my target audience. You should keep your head up Dr Fauci’s ass.

Here’s another video from a doctor who looks like he’s wearing a T-shirt underneath his smock.

I know people won’t watch 20 minutes so here are some quotes.

Healthcare systems have plenty of capacity and the policies in place now are injuring people…they are killing people. 30 people while awaiting cardiac surgery died because their surgery was deemed non-essential.

Essential businesses are marijuana stores, liquor stores…non-essential is if you want to go to church on Sunday. These restrictions are arbitrary, they don’t make sense, and are an oversight of our constitutional rights.

Are voting booths unsafe? We are ok waiting in line at Costco, but not OK to exercise our fundamental constitutional right of voting?

Hydroxychloroquine, found to be very safe, effective, cheap, readily available. To prescribe it…not uncommonly I get a call from the Pharmacy to justify why I prescribed it. First time in 30 years.

Are masks effective? Not as effective as we are lead to believe…if you touch it, scratch your nose, ingest it, immediately as you start to do that, you remove any protective benefit from that mask.

There’s very little evidence of this crop dusting occurrence, where I’m walking around, have no symptoms, yet I’m spraying virus everywhere. 60-70% of people who catch this virus do so in their own home.

Time To Get Back To Work

That poll is telling. Democrats want it to be bad. They want Trump out. Is this virus a political agenda? Who knows at this point? All I know is that whatever is going on behind the scenes, no one is alerting me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the USA knew about this virus early and now is getting ready to do battle with China and are making a hardcore push for the Army. Have you seen this ad lately?

What. A. Joke.

I don’t know how you can watch this and not scratch your head assuming it’s real.

Dave Portnoy had a good take saying that it started with flattening the curve, and now it moved into when we find a vaccine we can re-open?

The truth feels like it’s being hidden. Perhaps if you see all of the deaths in hospitals, you’d feel differently, but from my outsiders perspective looking at the numbers, it’s time to get back to work.