Press the button. *Blank Copy Produced* Hand the copy to a person. Smile while doing it. That’s the task that has made this little man proud.

Without a sense of fulfillment, we have nothing. Every human has a different level of self satisfaction that keeps them going. Some are content waking up and binging Netflix all day. Others needs a sense of task 24/7 and downtime is the plague. Like the the best answers, it’s a balance.

In the picture is Jude, my nephew. He’s a little older than 1 and has an entire life to lead. You don’t realize that you have an entire life to live until you’re about half way through it. Then you understand that there is never any going back. Which doesn’t bother me in the least because it’s out of my control. What I do notice though is that weeks start to pass like days. Where it used to be, “I need to get through this week,” now it’s more like, “where did that week go?” Or, “Now we’re starting another week.” When your life span has less time, it all will feel shorter. Jude’s days probably feel like years.

Which brings me to 2 pieces of advice I’d give to a youngster that if he grew up knowing these two pieces of advice, he’ll be fine.

  1. Don’t be a pussy
  2. Lay off the sauce

If you can accomplish both of 1 and 2, you’ll live a healthy life. The underlying theme of 1 is to not be scared to try new things. My biggest regrets are waiting too long to feel confident enough as a person to put myself out there. Then, I’d mask #1 by not using #2. By means of measures, I did well for myself, however, I could have done better utilizing my two rules. It took me too long to get there.

To come full circle to the little guy in the picture, if he can grow up with a mentality of performing a task and helping others around him, he’ll do great. It starts young.