Having a left and a right in politics is healthy. I reviewed the presidential data from 1900 on and the longest running tenure by a party was a 20 year stretch from 1933 to 1952 held by democratic FDR followed by Harry Truman. Next longest was a 12 year republican stretch by Reagan to Bush. I point this out because it’s normal to switch between Republican to Democrat leadership in the USA. That’s why I try not to go apeshit when I disagree with the Democratic party even though I disagree on many topics. It’s ok to not get your way every once in a while. However, what I’m about to present to you should make you pump the brakes. This isn’t politics anymore. This is embarrassing pandering to the numbskulls. If you disagree with everyone of my assessments, one of us is an idiot hands down. There is no gray area here.

If They Lie Like This?

This is the end of March. I’m not at the White House so I can’t fully guarantee that it doesn’t look like this, but I did a quick search and saw barren pictures of trees. The trees by me don’t look in bloom. This picture tweeted by our President is a lie.

People who see this and think, “what’s the big deal?” What else are you willing to accept as truth? You clearly have no value system for information. They want to come off as Biden looking like a badass president on a great looking day when the truth is he’s probably walking on a cane in the desolate White House drinking brando. It’s not ok to lie.

Live look at the White House

I’m Not a Biologist

The theatrics behind the questioning of future Supreme Court Judge Jackson is comical because it doesn’t matter anyhow. All the democrats will vote her in and that’s that. Her answers are meaningless because this is posturing by the absurd system. Plus I’m a racist bigot because I care what her answers are and I see that she’s being chosen as the candidate because she can swing millions of votes. If you watch this video and you agree that we don’t know the difference between what a man is and a woman, then I totally get that we won’t see eye to eye on these topics during my lifetime.

Why Air Brush?

This is more media tomfoolery. They have an agenda and they are hiding it from you. If they feel the need to hide it, that should give you some idea that there is something behind the curtain. If NBC comes out and says “we endorse men who compete in women’s sports and dominate”, that’s not sexy and doesn’t pander to a large part of their audience who want to be pro transgender. If they show the picture on the left, people may say, well maybe trans woman shouldn’t compete in woman’s sports. If they show on the right, well, she looks like a woman, maybe she should. It’s more manipulation of the nitwit audience.