I’ll touch on culture subtleties and traveling stories instead of what I did because I know you don’t care about slate quarries.

Temple Bar Pricing – In Dublin, I stayed at the Morgan which was near the Temple Bar area which has all the bars. This was an ideal location within walking distance of the main “Temple Bar” who has the audacity to charge 9 euro per beer. That felt high although they were full pints. Most bars had Guinness, Smithwicks, Kilkenny, and varying lagers that no one ever ordered. Each had live Irish music playing Sweet Caroline, 500 Miles, I’m Shipping Up to Boston, and Ufucking2. This bar scene was supercharged on alcohol. Interestingly enough, these people love the US which was different from other European countries I’d been in.

Toilet Streaks – You can’t make this up but I’m guessing people from the UK have buttholes in a different place. The toilet seat is normal size but then instead of tapering into a hole, it sort of levels into it. I’ve heard of aiming pee, but not poop. In the end a streaking mess is created and they offer no wand (non UK Europe all had a wand). You’re put to the test if you want to wipe it off with TP or let the maid do it for you.

No Tipping – This is the most refreshing part of the UK, they take 12.5% and that’s that. You want to leave more, they are ecstatic. They don’t pressure you and you don’t feel like a cheapskate. It’s also always card tapping so I didn’t even need cash at all. To think the USA force fucks you into tipping all the time is insanity.

Free Palestine – Talk about a group of party poopers in London. All I wanted to see was Piccadilly Circus and there were hundreds of people protesting for Palestinian rights hogging up the street. They’d come up and hand out pamphlets all the while chanting inaudible slogans. I use this tongue in cheek, but let’s say when you go to foreign places, they care about foreign causes.

People Like Photos with People – This sounds obvious but landscapes are boring and people are not. If I show you the below picture you go, “huh, do I know these people?” “Who is that?” “Does that look like fun?

Your Pictures Stink – Here are some pictures of landscapes and landmarks. BORING!

And let’s conclude with my dumbass taking a selfie. We can all agree it’s far better than slate quarries. Learn to smile dipshit!