In June, Antifa and BLM created CHAZ. CHAZ was/isn’t a six-block neighborhood in the middle of the Pacific Northwest’s largest city, Seattle. They named their new territory the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ. No laws or rules applied here except for one: “No cops allowed.” Their goals:

  1. Cut Seattle’s $409 million police budget by 50 percent.
  2. Shift funding to community programs and services in historically black communities.
  3. Ensure that protesters would not be charged with crimes

Who is Antifa?

Simply put, Antifa are an ideology and movement of radial pan-leftist politics whose adherents are mainly militant anarchist communists or collective anarchists. A smaller fraction of them are socialist who organize through political groups like the Democratic Socialists of America and others. Labels aside, their defining characteristics are a militant opposition to free markets and the desire to destroy the US and its institutions, cultures, and history.

Andy was beaten up by Antifa and had a debated “concrete” milkshake thrown on him during a protest. Ngo’s account will be biased against Antifa. Left wingers do their very best to discredit him as Rolling Stone calls him a troll and the LA Times writes, “As a journalist, however, I must point out that he is churning out the very kind propaganda that keeps authoritarians in power.


The people reading it are not giving Unmasked poor reviews which makes me believe Andy’s experience. If it was bullshit, more people would stand up against it.

Unmasked shows how Antifa are not good people. They use violence and intimidation to promote a lawlessness that they deem progressive. Oddly, the people nearest to the action seem to promote their cause.

Inside his book, Andy details violence inside the zone, the crimes committed, rioting, property damage, and goes over instances of a general disrespect for life. It makes you wonder what it’s like to live in Washington and how the people who aren’t Antifa are faring.

“No work. No cops. End this stupid fucking world,” read one message. “Voting keeps you tame. All politicians are the same,” read another. One large handwritten poster stated “Death to Capitalism!”.

An Antifa Head Scratcher

Vice is a left leaning media outlet who interviewed Michael Reinoehl, was/were, of Antifa. He murdered a Trump supporter (reference the video cam picture) in cold blood after a protest and went on the run. Police ended up killing him a few days later after tracking him down. Antifa mourn and treat him in high regard.

This guy executed a man in cold blood, then Antifa celebrated the execution, you people have lost the plot.

“There’s one…we got a Trumper!” Bang. Self defense…

Can Only Watch The Interview On YouTube

I hate to keep going back to what the people think, but look at the # of upvotes vs downvotes. The video paints him in a good light!

Why Bother Posting This?

People need to stop being scared to attack walks of life that are wrong. Antifa uses protesting of police brutality and promoting Black Live Matter as a shield. If you disagree with Antifa, they’ll say your intolerant. This is why the politicians have no power against them. Law enforcement releases criminals after committing acts and politicians are scared to stop them for fear of being racist. They want to be portrayed as a friendly group of people who are looking to unite humanity but it’s total bullshit. They’ll hunt you down if they don’t like you. They’ll beat you up if you disagree with them. These are not nice people. If you let these people run the world you’ll be living in tents and pooping in holes in the ground like they did in CHAZ. Their plights are reasonable, but they are not.

I’ll keep ending these posts the same way, if I’m wrong, tell me where I’m wrong?

Man Carrying American Flag Beaten by Antifa & BLM Portland