I’m intolerant of many aspects of life. Littering, purposeful ignorance, and murder to name a few. Yet, what I’m seeing in today’s society is despicable and why the country is so divided. Yes, I’m obviously talking about the election.

Donald Trump voters mostly care about Donald Trump and conservative values. They are wooed by the hurling of insults, confidence, and promises of being great again. They think that Democrats like Harris, AOC, and Nancy Pelosi push evil agendas but I don’t get the feeling that they hate Biden. They think he’s ready to fall asleep at the wheel, but it’s not a loathing like the Democrats despise Trump.

The Left truly hates Donald Trump. If you even bring up that you’d consider voting Republican, they will immediately turn up their nose and dismiss you. The thought is along the lines, “if you’re that stupid to vote for such an horrid human being, you are a bad person.” Which is mainly why this post is being written because it’s unfair and people who think this are the stupid ones. Voting intolerance.

I’m a capitalist. Hard work earns money and everyone is paid exactly what they are worth. Republicans share this general philosophy more than democrats do. I lean right. I don’t care who the president is. There are no other choices. I don’t vote for the human, I vote for my wallet. If Biden gets elected, corporate taxes gets raised 7% and I lose money. Where does this money go? It goes to a government who does a horrific job of spending money. Simply, I don’t believe in more government, I want less.

I’m for people having the freedom to think however they want. Vote Trump. Vote Biden. Vote Count Chocula. I don’t give a shit. People who shame others for having differing opinions are not nice people. These are the people who choose to riot in the streets if it doesn’t go the way they perceive is right. Let me tell you something, no one knows what’s right. Humans have created a set of imaginary rules that we live by that help us do the best we can. There is no “right”. You don’t know any better than I do, especially with the limited information and inaccurate reporting, what the best selection is. Don’t act like you do.