It starts off with a bunch of nerds telling you that social media is evil. In my early 20’s, I didn’t think about what Facebook’s goal was. Friending the girl I was drunk talking to the night before was paramount so I could remember her name and think we’d eventually end up together. There wasn’t a theme that Facebook’s AI is growing to the point that you are a walking dollar sign.

I encourage you to watch it because you’ll want to delete all of you social media afterwards and make the world a better place. Essentially, AI is learning what you click on and then interacting with you in its best means to monetize you. What tailored ads are sent and when notifications are pushed. These are the bare bones to the overall mission of influencing humanity.

It’s almost laughable to view yourself as a unique individual nowadays. You’re not. You’re only a human robot. You may have self will but it’s influenced by the forces you surround yourself in more provoking ways than ever. I read a Ben Shapiro book and now I’m fed right wing propaganda on all my feeds. I talk about buying a new driver and I get ads from Taylor Made, Callaway, and Titleist. There is nothing that you can do online that doesn’t go watched. Triple that for porn habits. Your identity is what you do online and every single bit of it is tracked, traced, and used against you. It’s invasive and frankly disturbing.

I’ve never been one to worry about social issues. I preferred sports and being my own individual. The greater good seemed pointless. I’ve started shifting more towards the side that the leaders in charge are not for the people. My idealistic society involves people being monetized for their contribution to society. Supply and demand create a free market. What is happening today is that your data is being taken by giant corporations and being used against you to stimulate their own personal growth. The line has to be drawn.

I’ve wrote this a few times but making money and exiting America is possibly the best option. America’s two party system is cancerous in combination with social media. Voting for an orange, tax evading, fight starting Republican or a sleepy, aged, puppet Democrat hardly seems appropriate for the greatest country in the world. After watching this documentary, you’ll walk away with the added fear of social media controlling the population and it’s time to run. Run fast.