It’s the best feeling when cold Glacier Freeze Gatorade is enjoyed after a workout in 90 degree heat. The body sates with blue liquid and immediately feels better. I’m sure you’re asking why I don’t drink Fruit Punch instead? I think Fruit Punch is excellent but when you drink it too fast it leaves a red mark above your lip that looks like a cold sore and it doesn’t go away.

I crushed a 32 oz Glacier Freeze in 6 gulps today. I ran to the Art Museum which usually takes about 16 minutes, did 15 minutes on the Art Museum steps, a few as fast as I could then ran back. Each up and down of the steps takes 40 seconds if you’re trying hard. During the workout it ranges in the 50-55 second range. I did 3 as fast as I could and hit 1:56. My fastest ever was sub 1:50. I may even hold the world record in that because I don’ t know if anyone else has ever attempted it and timed it. So even though my time today wasn’t my peak performance, I’ve started to get back into shape again after the dreaded Achilles injury that is plaguing our family.

So I was tired after the workout and that Gatorade hit the spot. Enough to make me post about it. You think that’s the only topic I have to write about? Lol. What’s the deal with girls and their phones on the Art Museum steps? Did they come to work out or be seen? Sheeesh. When I go to work out, take a guess what I do? I work out. I see these princesses going down the steps checking out their phone? Talk about an operational hazard. My best guess is that the work out was literally being displayed on the phone as this girl would do the steps and take breaks constantly on her phone. It was non-stop so I assumed she wasn’t skipping songs. It seems to me that exercising is one of the few times of a day where you can get away from that attention stealer so why no do it. It’s probably healthier to leave it at home.