America allows Freedom of Speech and that has been taken away. This blog was a place where I felt I could share an opinion and not be thought of as a racist, extremist, or disparaged by my peers. In today’s PC culture, being opinionated and passionate is stomped on by haters and trolls. My values stem from hard work whereas today’s environment rewards feelings and how loud you yell. I have the luxury of making money through this pandemic while 40 million Americans are unemployed. Perhaps people are satisfied collecting unemployment from the Government, but earning money for no work provided is Anti-American. The government has done this to its people with their inane attempt at combating a virus that hardly infects people under the age of 45. Business owners of decades have closed their doors. Liberties that a human being once had in America have been taken away. Wear your mask. Don’t be outside past 6pm. We are being led by a government whose main goal is to make the other party look wrong and stupid so they can win an election in November. The people are the pawns in their game. Now the pawns are attacking by looting and rioting and you have the king sending out the knights, bishops. and rooks. Except now those pieces are in a lose-lose position where they are asked to uphold the peace among a disrespectful population who live in a lawless society.

Finally, I’m on the sideline onlooking all the action and am being called racist because I’m not anti-racist. This isn’t the time to be blogging about how I went golfing yesterday so people can cite my white privilege. I’m going to continue to not blog for a while.