On Sunday, JC asked me if I was going to vote in the midterms. Fun fact, I’ve never voted in my life. Jeff made the comment that I’m vocal about changes, so why wouldn’t I vote? Rather than say an answer I was going to regret, I didn’t comment and thought about it a bit. This post is my response.

The System

I didn’t like Donald Trump as a President even though I agreed with many of his national philosophies. For instance, I’m not opposed to the idea of a wall. Simple minds think the idea is a waste of money and inhumane. What the masses fail to consider is the people who migrating are the people who are leaving their home because it’s 10x worse than America. When you choose players for your team, you want people who want to be on the team, not people who are doing it because it’s better than their other option. There is a legal process for immigration that is getting abused by the current office. They want to help as much as possible while diluting America’s values. I see both sides of the coin, helping people out of their horrible lives and maintaining one of the best countries Earth has seen, but I don’t scoff at the idea of controlling immigration. I’m not sure people understand how great we have it here in America. To bring in the rest of the world who can’t figure it out themselves will not end well.

Which brings me back to why I don’t think Trump was a great President. A good leader is able to bridge the gap and rally both parties. Donald had no interest in this and only cared about the red side. I find Joe Biden to be equally bad at this and far more dopey and inarticulate. Is it the candidate’s fault or the system? The system is broken. The goal posts are too wide on both sides and it’s embarrassing. The further the left pushes their millions of genders acceptance is equally as stupid as every American needs a machine gun if they want it. The two sides want nothing to do with each other and this is leading to the failure of America as a world power.

Kensington, PA

I don’t vote because I don’t care who wins. I’m in it for me and mine and I’ll do what’s selfishly best under any system. I’d be more agreeable to both sides splitting up, living as their own party, and then seeing who’s better off. That way you wouldn’t need to vote, you’d live with what side you agree with. My core values are capitalism and meritocracy. I don’t care about race, gender, or excuses why you’re suffering (the opportunity discussion of the last reason can certainly be had). If you’re good at what you do, try hard, and are motivated to live a useful life, you have my respect. We don’t have to agree with each other on every point, but we can be friends at the end of the day. If you think capitalism is the root of all evil and that everyone should live in harmony by splitting up whatever is available equally, I think you’re living in a fantasy world and we can agree to disagree. Survival of the fittest has never been more true as much as the world ruins itself to prove otherwise.

For me to stand behind a Republican voter means nothing. My goal isn’t to change people to what I believe in. I don’t want a “Republican” or “Democrat”. I want like minded people who want to work in unison to solve problems. Voting in the current format doesn’t solve that. Break down the two party system, get people who want to agree with each other, and stop playing the blame game like these idiots in office do currently. It’s a laugh out loud system and the people in it should be ashamed that we pay for them to do it. They don’t deserve my vote.