With the goal being to produce more, less quality posts because I listen to one commenter’s viewpoint, knowing said commenter has probably never read another blog in his life, we’ll see how the audience enjoys these. Bill said he doesn’t like the posts being so long but I can’t complete a post without putting forth the proper effort. Sorry for another long post.

Consider the Future

Can Be Positive 12 Weeks After a PCR Test

Argument: The CDC is unreliable.

Trusting them for your “know all” advice is unwise. They make it up as they go along. A main argument against not listening to them is, “science changes all the time with data”, to which I’ll respond that they shouldn’t be the ones whose recommendations go along with “federal mandates”. The CDC should be peer reviewed and not authoritarian. Whether that currently happens, I have no idea, but nothing that comes from the CDC feels trustworthy considering this update and their other update where the amount of Omicron case % went from 73% to 23% last week (NPR). Why consider this source reliable? It’s the government? Give me a break. Until their data starts being accurate, or they start saying we are just guessing, I’ve lost full faith.

1.5 Billion Masks in the Ocean

Argument – 52 billion masks were made this year with no regard for the environment.

NY Post – When I see people wearing masks in a car by themselves, logic has been thrown out the window. These types of people should be told to stay inside and just watch TV for the rest of their lives. I’ll create a new post on my idea of segregation which is what’s currently happening by the woke. Anyway, the media, and the aforementioned CDC, created this hysteria around masks and they’re ruining the planet which should upset Greta Thunberg. Is anyone convinced that as long as they wear their mask they are safe from Covid? Seems to me vaccinated people shouldn’t wear masks.

“Female” Jeopardy Player Break Woman’s Record

Argument – She’s not a woman. Only naturally born woman should be in this category. She should be put into the trans-woman jeopardy category.

I’ve been told by friends that getting outraged over these stories is “just not worth it.” It’s such a simple solution though to create a new category of gender. She’s not a woman. She’s a trans-woman. Once you create that new category, life moves on except for one big problem – they need to be considered women – no exceptions. Bad news, what’s happening with these women’s records is taking major strides backward for natural born women.

The engineering manager’s 18th consecutive win brought her total earnings to $706,800, bumping Larissa Kelly to become the show’s top-earning female player. Kelly, a science fiction writer and academic who built up a record $655,930 through regular season play and tournament competitions, applauded Schneider’s historic win on Twitter.


Argument – De-transitioning will be as popular as transitioning.

No body talks about regretting your decision to move from a boy to a girl or vice versa. Read the story below and start understanding that the same people who may not be thinking about the long term start questioning it. It’s like a bad tattoo. Wait until de-transitioning becomes in vogue and then we’ll be full circle to where we started.