The amount of ads that YouTube plays while watching clips has gotten as bad as television. I’ve noticed on some channels that an ad will play every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Consider that on a standard 30 minute TV show, there is usually a commercial break every 7 1/2 minutes. I’d estimate there are 4-5 commercials in this span. For me, I can tolerate TV ads more than YouTube. Every 2+ minutes is an absurd break of action. I’m not sure if the owner of the channel is in charge of this decision with regard to monetization, but it has made YouTube unwatchable for me.

One more caveat is that every ad is *drumroll* about the election. Arguing that this is not the biggest decision in the world like people make it out to be is pointless. Humanity “suffered” through 4 years of Donald Trump and I have hardly noticed a difference from when Obama was President. The people who scream the loudest are the ones who generalize the most. An officer murdered George Floyd and people will take the stance to defund the police. Individuals an establishment do not go hand in hand. If 99% of police officers are good, and 1% cause the problems, it’s not smart to remove 100%. The people who generalize and categorize are not nice people and this is what this election has turned into. So not only do I get bombarded by electoral ads, they are specifically chosen to try to alter my decision making. This is an attempt at brainwashing.

This will bring me to Twitch which is owned by Amazon. Let me also take this time to point out that YouTube is owned by Google. So don’t be fooled at who is controlling the media.

This brings me to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing Among Us on Twitch last night with Pokimane to encourage voting. “Some else will get that”, should be her political platform.

I bring this up because there were 70k people watching (when I saw). This is fairly substantial for a Twitch Stream. Make no mistake about it that a live streaming platform is going to be the new TV for the next generation. It has the backing of Amazon and it is entertaining. I’ve watched a few streams and they give an insight into the minds of people that you would not have been able to see prior to this live platform.

Don’t be fooled though, Twitch crams an advertisement down your throat every time you watch a user as well. Gillette Razors. Manscaping. Any device to remove hair and testicles from a man is being shown. I usually click off and then back on to avoid them but they are here to stay.

Google is being sued by the US for implicating Apple to default their browser on every one of their smartphones. My prior post was an advocate of capitalism and this post explores some of the negatives. Don’t look at yourself as an individual any longer, you are a consumer.